In my small town of Milton, NC after-school snacks consisted of fresh veggies and family reunions were more like town carnivals. At a young age gathering around food was the epitome of love, family and fellowship.

While working as a traveling nurse I explored the country; nurturing patients and also nourishing her affinity for food culture. My passion for food grew and I decided to focus on my childhood passion - culinary arts. 

I'm devoted to bringing people together to share in my Love of Food and Southern Hospitality.

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My culinary roots run deep through the North Carolina soil.

I enjoy serving my clients because it allows them to be in the moment with their guests. While at the same time their own relationships begin to form during an intimate culinary experience.

There is no better feeling than my clients expressing that the experience was amazing and they appreciate the professionalism of my staff. My goal is to create amazing food and cultivate a memorable experience for everyone involved by showing my love for food and southern hospitality.



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Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

You don't have to be a workaholic
to be successful. Really.

I believe:

A Moscow mule is one of my favorites. The refreshing taste of lime and ginger together is it for me and of course the copper mug!

I've grown to love both serving and enjoying Sea Bass. Such a delicate fish but presents so bold on a plate.

I'm pretty simple, any cupcake will do! BUT it must have butter cream icing. I think the icing is the best part of the cupcake for me. 




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